Instead – Tax American Citizens Who Make Poor Lifestyle Choices

Please Allow Me Show You Four Simple, Real World Solutions To Solve The Current Economic Crisis and Generate Hundreds of BILLIONS Of Dollars In Revenue for Uncle Sam in a Fair Manner!

What You Will Learn in This Informative Article Backed By Real Facts and Data:

  1. How the American government could take in an additional $36,909,600,000 BILLION dollars per year profiting from a little known revenue generating program that would allow them to profit from the current obesity epidemic while saving more lives at the same time!
  2. Learn a little known secret on how the government could earn up to $82,800,000,000 BILLION dollars per year while at the same time helping millions of people to kick their cigarette habits at ZERO COST to the government or the consumer!
  3. How a good percentage of the population, including some of the poorest families in the country can put up to $150 to $250 per month back in their pockets starting IMMEDIATELY!
  4. How the government can rake in billions of dollars with the new “Flight Passenger Baggage Combo Scale Program!”

First off, I must state that I vigorously oppose yet another (soon to fail) stimulus package from President Obama or any other Democratic or Republican Politician hidden under the guise of the “American Jobs Act!”

I contest President Obama’s new reckless spending plan to “stimulate the economy,” yet again, through additional debt-funded government spending that could total $200 billion in the next year and will be added to all the other past government waste and failed stimulus programs. Even more so, I also oppose Obama’s $1.5 trillion in new taxes on “the rich” and his threat to veto any bill that does not include tax increases. It’s time to reduce Obama’s and ALL our governments reckless spending, and not further increase the tax burden on the American people who are trying to save this country from the grips of the political corrupt. The President should start cutting the high salaries of our overpaid politicians first along with all their perks and benefits they receive.

Please inform Mr. Obama that 5 years ago (August 30th, 2006 to be exact) I was let go from my job with little prospects of getting hired for a new job (for reasons I will not explain here, but willing to explain if anyone in our government would like to hear a real life “fired to riches” story). Instead of counting on the government to bail my wife and I out we went out and started our own business for about $100 and have grown it into a successful business generating a large 6-figure per year income. What we did took no special skills, no high level education or any big dollar investment. It did take guts, determination, the willingness to overcome obstacles, discipline, hard work, overcoming our fears and the desire to succeed.  Also understand that both of us are your average high school graduate with no college degree.

More recently, I have personally experienced a powerful economic trend emerging that has a HUGE potential global marketplace and my wife and I have recently started another business to capitalize on this new market. My wife and I also have 3 people we pay income too and we are looking to hire another person to help us with both of our businesses. One of the people we currently pay is what I call a “luxury hire” in that we don’t really NEED this person, however, she is nice to have and saves us a considerable amount of time so we can afford to spend more time with our family and friends and working our new business.

Not including my wife, I personally work 10 to 12 hour days, 6-7 days a week,  (as I have done for the better part of the past 5 years since getting fired from my J.O.B. – Just Over Broke) building two businesses now and it appears we may soon fall into the category of Mr. Obama’s definition of “the so called rich” because my wife and I may earn more than $250,000 combined income this year. Please inform Mr. Obama, that while we may have what is considered a decent lifestyle now after an ungodly amount of hard work, crazy stress and struggle building the first business after getting fired, we are FAR, and I mean WAY FAR, from what we would call “rich” with all the taxes my wife and I are currently forced to pay to support all the current government waste and socialist entitlement programs, along with past failed stimulus programs. We have marketing expenses for the businesses, along with the help we have hired and other costs associated with running a business.

Understand that if Mr. Obama’s new stimulus package passes we may be forced to FIRE (not HIRE) the one “luxury person” we have recently hired. This could cause her family to suffer financially as the income we pay her has saved her family from facing some, let’s just say, tough financial difficulties. We may also have to reconsider the other person we are looking to hire if this stimulus package passes and we are hit hard enough with additional taxes to pay for more of our governments wasteful spending. If this bill passes Obama is simply robbing Peter to pay Paul by taking money from the “so called rich” pockets and business owners of America so we can hire people WE need through the natural growth cycle of a business, and wanting to give it to the government to “create more jobs.” Tell Mr. Obama and the rest of the government to stay the hell away from “the so called rich” and let the business owners of this once great country create the jobs.

Also understand Mr. President, since we have started to EARN more money, we have been able to purchase a new vehicle, pay a family who cleans our house twice a month, we eat out more often, pay a guy to detail our vehicles, a window washer, purchased some nicer clothes for our kids, gone on a few vacations (something we rarely were able to afford before I got fired) purchased a camper trailer and outfitted it with several thousand dollars worth of equipment, hired and paid a handyman a little over $2,000 to do most of the items on my “honey do list,” and much more. With this in mind, I would like to ask the President a question. If you tax people like ourselves, and other people who have EARNED a decent income who also probably purchase and do similar things I just addressed here, and the additional tax burden causes enough financial hardship that we and others decide to cut back and spend less, and do more of the work ourselves, who do you think this will ultimately affect? Let me tell you, it’s the very same people you think you are going to help with your ridiculous new jobs stimulus package. Wake up! It is not the governments job to steal from people who work hard and give it to whomever they feel should get it.

By the way, in case you don’t remember, this country was not founded by men and women looking for jobs. It was founded by men and women who took great personal risk, exposure, and wanting to BUILD the American dream from scratch. In today’s term they are called entrepreneurs and business owners. Leave our money alone and let us do the hiring, and let the people find ways to earn a living just like my wife and I did.

Following are a couple REAL solutions Mr. Obama, Congress and the Senate can implement to help pay off all the governments wasteful spending and entitlement programs that have forced America into this current bad economic situation:

Not that the American people – “rich” or poor need any more taxes levied on them, however, I propose that you SHARE THE GOVERNMENTS WASTEFUL AND ALMOST CRIMINAL SPENDING and place a tax on poor lifestyle choices that are killing this country and it’s people (both physically and financially) – instead of stealing from “the so called rich” and small business owners who are actually trying to save what is left of this country.

Ready for a dose common sense Mr. President? Let’s get started…

Stimulus Package Number One: The Poor Food Choices and Lack of Exercise Act:
Obesity in AmericaIt’s a well known fact that America is in the midst of an obesity epidemic that is only getting worse. We know that the majority of this is attributed too poor food choices and lack of exercise. So this “Stimulus Package” is no-brainer. 

You can click the image to view a larger size or here to see the full obesity animated map from 1985 to 2010. Using the data at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding Obesity ( the average man who is 5′ 9″ tall and weighs between 125 and 168 pounds is considered healthy. An overweight person for this same 5′ 9″ tall gentleman would be someone who weighs between 169-202 pounds. The obese person for this 5′ 9″ male starts to tip the scales at 203 pounds or more. This means the unhealthy obese 5′ 9″ male weighs a minimum of 35 pounds more than the average healthy 5′ 9″ male. And judging by the look of many Americans today, there are a good number who are well above the 35 pound range mentioned here.

Stay with me here: According to the CDC about one-third of U.S. adults (33.8%) are obese ( According to the U.S. Census report ( there are currently 312,344,215, or roughly 312,000,000 million people in the USA as of this writing.

If 33.8% of the 312,000,000 people in America are obese, that means 105,456,000 people are considered obese. If the average obese person is around 35 pounds overweight, that means there is a minimum (and probably a lot more) of 3,690,960,000 BILLION extra pounds of USELESS FAT being carried around by the US population (105,456,000 obese people multiplied by 35 pounds each).

This is so simple, you are going to really love this one… The Federal government simply requires every single American to go to their doctor to get a free annual weight check up. This is great for doctors from a marketing standpoint as they will have a chance to “upsell” their patient when they come into the office. During this annual weight check up every American is required to bring a check book or credit card with them at the time of their appointment. Since the average obese person weighs 35 pounds more than his healthy counterpart the obese person would be charged $10 per pound (or whatever you like) over the high end of the healthy weight range for every pound they are overweight.

Going back to our 5′ 9″ tall male; if he were to walk into the doctors office for the weigh in, and he tipped the scales at 203 pounds, he would be considered overweight by 35 pounds and fall into the obese category (203 pounds minus 168 pounds equals 35 pounds) and he would have to write a check to the for $350 dollars (35 pounds of fat multiplied times the $10 fat tax), payable to the newly formed “National Fat Fund Administration.” Heck, that’s less the $30/mo or the cost of six packs of cigarettes (See stimulus package number three for more details) so an obese person can CHOOSE to continue and eat all the crap and junk they want and never have to exercise a day in your life and simply pay the fat tax. Conversely, they can elect to join a Jim, run, walk, swim, rid a bike, etc, and loose the weight and not have to pay the tax next time.

Now for the numbers. Since we determined that there is roughly a MINIMUM of 3,690,960,000 extra pounds of extra fat floating around out there in America, at a $10 per pound fat tax, that would generate an additional $36,909,600,000 BILLION dollars for the U.S. government that you could waste on something else. That’s $147,638,400,000 BILLION dollars over the next four years! These numbers don’t take into account that many of our obese citizens will weigh more than the 35 pounds used in this example, so you could see upwards of $200,000,000 dollars in your pockets. And think about this – it is a voluntary tax if someone chooses to keep eating poorly and not working out. Put a similar tax the overweight group and the numbers could be astronomical.

I must warn the American people that there are side effects to this stimulus package. Regretfully people will get healthier, have less diseases, live longer, and require less medications from all the drug companies. So this could cut into campaign contributions for politicians and into the FDA’s budget.

One more thought. You could simply charge a tax on poor food products that have no nutritional value and are part of the cause of the obesity epidemic. As I write this, I was just given a link where the Denmark Government has implemented a new fat tax ( If it’s good enough for the Denmark, it’s good enough for America I say. Think of all the fast food restaurants, Alcohol, and crappy foods you could tax. Heck, that could be untold BILLIONS of dollars the U.S. Government could pilfer. By the way, I like a gin and tonic or two every night. I don’t need it. It’s not good for me, so feel free to tax me there with MY poor choices!

So, that said, let’s take a look at taxing one of the unhealthiest products in America – cigarettes…

Stimulus Package Number Two: The Cigarette MEGA Tax Act
I have a question to ask. Why are the poorest people in this country allowed to pay for cigarette’s while complaining about how tough things are out there with the current state of the economy? Think I am lying? Go to or type in Cigarette Smoking Demographics in Google and you will find some statistical data regarding cigarette smokers by socio-economic status… “Smoking prevalence was higher among adults living BELOW the poverty level (32.3 percent) than those living at or above the poverty level (23.5 percent).”

Is this what “the so called rich” are suppose to be paying for by taxing them even more than they are already paying – so “the poor” can purchase more cigarettes?

Humor me for a moment and let’s do a little math Mr. President – you seem to be so adept at it.

From what I can tell by searching the Internet, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is about $5, give or take a few pennies.

If you Google “how many cigarettes does the average smoker in America smoke per day” you will find numbers stating that the average smoker smokes between 3/4 to 1 pack of cigarettes per day. Since our government likes to fudge numbers in their favor, I will take the liberty to do the same here on my end and “round up” and assume the average cigarette smoker smokes 1 pack of cigarettes a day – or 360 packs of cigarettes per year.

If we multiply 360 packs of cigarettes per year by $5, the average cigarette smoker spends about $1,800 per year trying to kill themselves slowly. $1,800 divided 12 months per year means the average cigarette smoker in America spends about $150 per month on cigarettes.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) an estimated 46 MILLION people, or 20.6% of all adults (aged 18 years and older), in the United States smoke cigarettes ( That means that 46 million people (multiplied times 360 packs of cigarettes per year for each of the 46 million cigarette smokers in the USA) all together would smoke 16,560,000,000 BILLION packs of cigarettes per year. That’s 16.5 BILLION packs of cigarettes a year are smoked here in the good old U.S. of A. With an average cost of $5 per pack of cigarettes (multiplied times 16,560,000,000 BILLION packs of cigarettes sold here in the USA), means that cigarette smokers are spending $82,800,000,000 BILLION dollars per year trying to kill themselves in a slow an agonizing death that is a burden on the rest of us that don’t choose this path of killing ourselves.

My proposal to the American people and you Mr. President: Since cigarette smoking is not a necessity (it’s really bad for you in case you did not know) and kills about a half million people every year, including 50,000 plus innocent non-smokers who die from second hand smoke ( /fact_sheets/health_effects/tobacco_related_mortality), let’s simply tax a pack of cigarettes an additional $5.

Assuming the governments typical cigarette smoker is willing to pay $10 for a pack of cigarettes, the government will generate an extra $82,800,000,000 BILLION dollars PER YEAR in additional revenue they can steal from the people! That’s $331,200,000,000 BILLION dollars over the next 4 years Mr. President. Not to bad of a cash haul for a simple pen stroke and signing a new bill into Congress.

Now, instead of taxing “the rich” even more, let’s take a look at the 32.3% of the poorest people in the country below the poverty level, which relates to 14,858,000 of the poorest smokers in the country out of the 46,000,000,000 total cigarette smokers here in the USA (, and make it 100% flat out illegal for them to smoke EVER – or we simply execute them with a Drone plane that happens to catch them lighting up (that was a joke). You could easily monitor this by simply requiring every U.S. citizen who chooses to smoke to bring in a copy of their Federal tax return when they want to purchase a pack of cigarettes, or the IRS hands them a cigarette smoking card. If they make less than what is stated in the Federal Poverty Level statistics ( they simply can’t purchase cigarettes. Period!

On to some more numbers to help cash strapped Americans to put up to $150 per month, or more, of cash money back in their pockets in the next 5 minutes. Since we have already proven that it costs the average smoker about $150 per month to smoke this would put $1,800 BACK IN THEIR POCKETS each and every year. For the 32.3 percent of the poorest American families paying for cigarettes, a family of 4 who earns less than the $1,862.50/mo ($22,350 per year according to could put that $150/mo back in their pockets starting IMMEDIATELY if they simply quit smoking TODAY! For some people at that income level I am willing to bet that $150 per month would be a lot of money. For the family of 4 earning $1,862.50/mo that’s like getting an 8% pay raise RIGHT NOW! Then they could take some of that $150 “pay raise” and go out and buy a book or two on how to start their own frikin business just like my wife and I did!

Of course your thinking, Blake, that’s preposterous. Nobody would be willing to pay $10 for a pack of cigarettes.

You could be correct in that statement, so let me put down my $2 bottle of “natural spring water ($3.95 at a major hotel)” and give you some more ideas to ponder…

Yes, the “down side” to this stimulus package is that some people will have to quit smoking because they simply could not afford too any longer. So, yes, this could cut into some of the $328 BILLION dollars the President would get. However, if some people do quit smoking because the cost is too high then we are naturally saving more lives around the country, this reduces medical costs, less sick days for employers, people would be healthier and a whole host of good things! It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

A much more radical approach would be for the Government to require every U.S. citizen to purchase and smoke at least one pack of cigarettes per day. At least this way “the rich” could get something for the money you are stealing from them. That would be 312,000,000 million people smoking each and every day. With a $5 tax on a pack of cigarettes that would be an additional $1,560,000,000,000 TRILLION dollars in revenue each year for our government to steal from us. Over the next 4 years that would be $6 TRILLION dollars! Plus, another upside to this plan would be that we would all die much sooner, maybe before Social Security were to kick in so, we could save that program from it’s current untimely death. Then, as the surplus revenue increases in Social Security, the government would have more money they could steal from that program too.

Okay, so that last stimulus package was a bit of a stretch and thought I would toss in a little humor here :-)

Stimulus Package Number Three: Satellite and Television Tax Act
Why don’t you have the President spend a little time driving around some of the poorest neighborhoods in this country and he will find some amazing things. For starters you will see a lot lot of expensive satellite dishes mounted on run down and dilapidated houses and mobile homes. Is this what “the rich” are expected to pay for, for all the “poorer” people in this country to have the luxury of owning and paying for satellite service? They are so poor that they can afford $50 to $100 per month or more for satellite dishes and programming, and the President wants’ to funnel “the so called rich” people’s money into yet another stimulus package? I’m sorry Mr. President, but if you live in the poorest places in this country and you are struggling financially, then cancel your firkin satellite subscription and start learning a new skill so you can become someone who is desirable for an employer (like me) to want to hire, or as stated before, buy a book or course with the savings and start a business. That’s $50 to $100 back in your pocket each month. If the “poor person” is also a smoker, that’s an additional $150/mo or a total of $200 to $250 per month back in their pocket. Ponder this Mr Obama, why is it that poorer people have big televisions, while “the rich people” have big library’s?

I am willing to bet that if “a rich person” was placed on the Jeopardy game show with one of the poor people in our country and one of the topics that came up was Jersey Shore or Family Guy, the “rich person” would fail miserably and the “poor person” would hand the “rich person” a resounding ass kicking in their extensive knowledge of these television shows. Toss in South Park and Homer Simpson along with some other “quality programming,” and the “rich person” would look like a fool compared to the “poor person’s” extensive knowledge and expertise regarding this television programming because the “rich person” is probably working hard and building their businesses.

Here’s a stat from Nielsen rating service ( The average American watches 35:34 (hours/minutes) of TV per week! I know a lot of so called “rich people” and they, along with myself, could not find that amount of time to waste watching television each week. Why? Because we are working our businesses, trying to save our asses and would like to hire more people. Also, according to Nielsen rating service, there are about 116,000,000 households that have at least one television ( Of those 116,000,000 households more of them have more than one television. Using Nielsen’s numbers ( there are 310,888,000 televisions in the USA.

Humor me on this one Mr. Obama… As a business owner, I have to fill out a form each and every year and tell my local government what my inventory of computers, furniture, software etc. is. I am required to do this so they can tax me even more so that I can better help stimulate our local governments pockets. When I saw this bill for the first time I was like WTF, you’re going to tax me on stuff I already own EACH YEAR! Unbelievable! I am still trying to figure that genius idea to drive businesses to Idaho – but that’s another story. Anyway, if I, as a business owner have to pay a yearly tax on everything I own for the business then let’s do that for everyone who owns a television – or cable, or satellite box, a dog, a cat, a horse, or anything for that matter.

But for now, let’s discuss television…

If the Federal Government levied a $25 tax per year, per television on the 310,888,000 televisions out there that would generate $7,772,200,000 – or roughly 8 BILLION dollars per year. So, that may not be a lot so let’s put an extra monthly tax on cable, satellite, along with, oh maybe a tax for watching more than 20 hours of television per week! Assuming we could generate an additional $15 to $20 BILLION dollars of revenue, the Satellite and Television Tax could generate around $25,000,000,000 BILLION annually (Estimated). That’s $100,000,000,000 BILLION dollars over the next four years for the luxury of owning and watching television.

Stimulus Package Number Four: The Obese Person Airline Tax:
I know it may seem like I am picking on the obese here, however, okay, I am :-) As a reminder, just visit to see all the problems and huge tax dollars going into these lifestyle choice problems here in America.

I am 6′ 2″ tall and weigh about 185 pounds and work out several days each week. When I fly certain airlines I am charged per bag, apparently because of some ridiculous weight thing airlines magically came up with to gouge us even more a few years back. I typically fly Southwest airlines and if my bag weighs over 50 pounds I am charged $50 to put that bag on the plane. Yet the obese 350 pound person next to me can check a bag that is 50 pounds or less and not have to pay a dime extra. Assuming my bag weighs 51 pounds and I personally weigh 185 pounds, my COMBINED weight with my baggage is 236 pounds. Take the 350 pound person in my example, and their (estimated) 45 pound bag, and they have a combined weight 395 pounds.

I say we put an average weight threshold of lets say 300 pounds or less per person (or maybe we use the governments Center for Disease Control statistics to come up with an ideal weight solution) including their luggage and there would be no additional fees to fly other than the cost of your ticket. It can be you and one bag, or you and two bags checked – it does not matter. You and your baggage ALL step on the scale TOGETHER and any combined weight over 300 pounds you pay something like $1 extra per pound over the 300 pound combined passenger weight. Since we are in the good old US of A, the government could tax that as the “Fat Flight Tax Act of 2011″ at $1 extra per pound and keep 50%, or 50 cents on the dollar and give the rest to the struggling airlines.

With the current obesity epidemic this alone could generate something like $25,000,000,000 per year* for Mr. Obama and the government.

Coming to a Conclusion Here

I am going to digress from my main points here, only to prove another crazy point regarding the taxes we have to pay to run a friken business in America, and I hope will somewhat make a previous statement regarding taxing cats and dogs sound just a tad more rational.

As a business owner I went on a three day business trip to Denver Colorado. Either my wife or I are now planning to go to Colorado for our business once a month (It could be changed based on certain economic factors or stimulus packages introduced that impact our income). Anyway, I recieved my bill upon check out from the Westin Westminster Hotel and was surprised to see the following taxes added to my bill:

  • $139.00 per night for the room (no surprise here and not a tax)
  • State Tax – 4.6% or $6.39 (I can almost get this one)
  • Occupancy tax – 7% or $9.73 (have not had time to see what this was all about. If I did not stay in the room that night because I stayed somewhere else, would I have received a refund of that portion of the bill?)
  • City Improvement fee 1% or $1.39 (really? Just by being there and spending my hard earned money in your restaurants and other establishments I thought I was already improving your city, along with paying taxes on everything else I did while I was there)

That’s $17.51 cents per night in additional taxes to park my butt in your fine cities hotel for business purposes.

A week later, as a business owner, I went on another business trip to Arizona. I received my bill upon check out from the Hilton Garden Inn in Scottsdale and was again surprised to see the following different set of taxes added to my bill:

  • $139.00 per night for the room (no surprise here again)
  • State Tax – $9.04 (same cost room but higher taxes for the State of Arizona)
  • County Tax – $2.46 (guess the County of Colorado hasn’t figured this one out yet)
  • City Tax – $2.29 (shhh, don’t tell Colorado about this one either)
  • Scottsdale Bed Tax – $6.95 (WTF! A bed tax? Are you serious?  What’s next? Taking a crap tax?)

That’s $20.74 cents per night in just additional taxes to park my butt in your fine cities hotel.

Good thing Obama want’s to add to my and all the other “rich people’s current tax bill, because God knows we don’t pay our fair share. Also understand Mr. President, BOTH of these business trips were IMPORTANT for me to be able to go on, but certainly not IMPERATIVE  and could have been canceled if money were an issue.

Also make note. Think of EVERY service persons life I touched while on business and how I contributed, even in a small way to their income and bottom line.

To summarize…

When I lost my job 5 years ago I got busy after my pity party and my wife and I put in 12 plus hour days to start and build a business. I was looking forward to enjoying some of what we had built over the last 5 years, however, because of the current state of the economy that all the polititians, lodiests and greedy corporations have helped in a big way to create, this is no longer the case and we still work long hours 6-7 days a week and 10 to 12 hour days… and maybe more if I end up terminating someone’s services I currently use because of your hostile attempt at creating bigger and bigger government!

As one of your new up and coming “rich” people you want to tax even more, realize that I don’t drive expensive cars, wear any flashy jewelry, however, I do live in a home that is nicer than most, but I am also upside down in it’s value (paid about $550,000 and worth about $400,000 or so). I have a 7 year fixed mortgage that comes due with a balloon payment next June. I called my wonderful bank that you may have helped bail out a while back and asked them if they had any programs to help us out. Not only do they not have any programs for us, they even went so far as to say that if we did not get the loan balance down to 80% or 90% so that we could refinance, that they were going to take our house away from us.

Bottom line…

I’m not feeling very “rich” right now Mr. President!

Also understand, this is not just a direct attack on Mr. Obama or the Democrats. ALL politicians share in the responsibility for our current economic situation and government waste.

Also understand I do feel for people who are less fortunate than we are, and because of that we have been able to give a little more to charities and would like to eventually give even more. However, if Mr Obama wants to tax the American people to death and turn this Country into a socialist country, then I may just have to look at packing my bags as I can run my businesses anywhere I have a computer, a phone and an Internet connection.

Also note, I will soon be posting a tax return from one of the lower income families in our country who not only paid zero Federal taxes last year, but actually earned more than their actual wages from some governmental programs they received. I paid tens of thousands in dollars in taxes last year – they, the poor, paid none and actually received additional revenue from the government – and they are not an isolated case — as I will prove

Mr. President, once again, quit raping $$ from hard working Americans who earned their money, give the money back you stole and paid to banks and corrupt businesses like AG who host extravagant parties with our money ( /duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389×4166429).

Do the right thing for once!

Blake Warrington